Direct Vision Standard is changing for HGVs

Vehicles with safety ratings of 0, 1, and 2 stars will be required to have a Progressive Safe System fitted from October 2024.

Direct Vision is changing

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Connected fleet operations platform

AI Fleet safety

Samsara. A connected fleet management solution that offers precise GPS tracking with real-time aerial view capabilities, revolutionizing how you monitor and manage your vehicles. Now you can track your fleet’s movements down to the smallest detail, ensuring that you have accurate, up-to-the-second location information at your fingertips. This level of precision allows you to optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall fleet performance.


Real time CCTV

Live stream CCTV for vehicles

The use of vehicle CCTV cameras is proven to improve driving performance and driver behaviour as their actions are being monitored. The added safety and security that your vehicle CCTV system provides will give you and your drivers the peace of mind necessary to perform at the highest level. Vehicle CCTV cameras act as the perfect deterrent against the theft of company assets. The live view option also allows you to remotely view CCTV footage whilst the ignition is engaged.


Complete Remote Protection

ACSS remote protection

ACSS partner with Maple Fleet Services to provide Complete Remote Protection. Developed for the high value transport sector, whether it be pharmaceutical, fine arts or electronics, the solution integrates Maple’s leading FreightLock IQ locking system with ACSS’s AdvancedFleet Telematics. Allowing remote control of door locking systems from anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind over the security of cargo and fulfilling requirements of TAPA TSR Level 1.


AI VRU Detection System

  • Cloud or local storage

  • Built in WIFI

  • Live view

  • Identifies cyclist from street furniture
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Integrate with existing vehicle CCTV system

Dvs 2024 kit
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What we do

ACSS provide safety and security solutions for commercial vehicle fleets. For over 20 years we have been designing, supplying, and installing bespoke mobile CCTV and security systems for our clients. Working directly with manufacturers in the early stages of product development we’re able to bring the latest technologies to our clients, at the most competitive prices. We are proud to offer the latest in Connected Live View CCTV, AI camera & radar systems for intelligent protection of your fleet and vulnerable road users.

Telematics & tracking is hosted by the world largest global tracking platform, with unparalleled tracking accuracy, usability, and customisability. Whether basic vehicle location tracking, fleet efficiency and driver behaviour ranking, or tying in vehicle CAN bus, ECU or sensors values we have the capability, expertise, and experience.

ACSS operate a national network of installation engineers, working remotely and installing at a time and convenient location to minimising vehicle downtime. Our in-house team handle not just your sales enquiries, but operations, technical training, and crucially, responsive technical support when needed.

We know what we do best, and appreciate we can’t do it all, so are very proud to work with a selection of premium partners. We’d be delighted to tell you more about Maple Fleet Service’s high security locking & remote-control systems and Samsara’s globally trusted fleet management platform.


Direct Vision standard (DVS) 2024
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UK, local councils and industry bodies have created several different standards promoting higher road safety standards and protecting vulnerable road users.


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We have dedicated team of installers and technical support ready to assist you. Our experts are on hand to ensure the smooth delivery and installation of our solutions.

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