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Running a fleet is an extremely complex task, that we at ACSS understand. There are many tasks to complete and multitude of topics to think about, ranging from drivers to costs to environmental and safety regulations. Here are 3 more of our top challenges fleet operators face, and how to solve them.

Improving Driver Safety

Protecting your drivers is crucial to keeping your fleet running smoothly and maintaining the best standards of driving. By equipping safety features like CCTV, Dash-Cams and Alarms, you can protect both your drivers and vehicles from incidents and accidents, particularly when not their fault. Fleet management systems now allow you to observe dangerous driving alongside tracking driving hours, to ensure your drivers are always safe and compliant. Data created by telematics systems also provide an essential training tool for maintaining the highest standards of driving amongst your workforce.

Rising Fuel Costs

Fuel spending is an area of fleet management which can easily get out of hand, especially amongst large fleets. Warnings from the RAC forecast ever-increasing fuel prices, meaning optimising fuel usage is vital to keeping costs down. By minimising time on the roads, optimising vehicle routes and maximising vehicle capacities you can ensure that every litre of fuel is used without waste. Fleet management software is a great way to identify the best routes, nearest vehicles and plan in advance, all on one screen.

Minimising Environmental Impact

Another challenge which ties in with fuel economy, is environmental impact. Demands get stronger year after year to reduce carbon footprints, save fuel and reduce harmful NOx emissions in congested areas. With pressure from national and international legislature introduced, fleet operators face a lot of pressure to use the most efficient vehicles and reduce time on the road.
Fleet Tracking and Management software can be a great way to reduce these, with real-time data to optimise efficiency and identify your environmental impact.

At ACSS, we hold 30 years’ experience in the vehicle CCTV market and can develop a solution for any requirement. Visit out website for more information on our AdvancedFleet Teletmatics Suite or AdvancedVision CCTV Systems or call 0208 391 8360 to talk to our sales team.