The future for taxis and PHVs is looking greener due to the latest change in licensing requirements made by TfL. This new change means that as of 1st January 2023, all newly licensed Taxis and PHVs that are being licensed for the first time need to be zero emissions capable.

Essentially This means that under these new rules, TfL will only grant a license to plug in hybrid and electric taxis and PHVs. These changes have led to only 25% of all private hire vehicles currently operating in London meeting the new standards, pushing larger fleet operators to fully electrify their fleets by 2025.

With a need for new plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles to stay operating in London, it has created a greater need to protect these higher-value vehicles and their drivers. With mobile CCTV you can deter violence as well as reduce downtime in the unfortunate event of an accident.