A recent analysis by the Department of Transport has shown that figures on speeding data show that most motorists exceed 20mph speed limits, with the average speed measured at 26mph. 87% of drivers.

In 2018, under free-flowing traffic conditions, 46% of cars exceeded the speed limit on motorways compared to 52% on 30mph roads and 10% on 60mph roads. The percentage of vehicles complying with the speed limits on free flow roads was higher on weekdays than on weekends.

However, during more recent times, throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, speeding figures went up. New data showed that speeding incidents tripled despite fewer cars on the road and less miles being driven. The Metropolitan Police has seen speeding become its biggest road safety challenge in London. The average speed of drivers in all speed zones has increase and the Metropolitan Police have launched a ‘road crimes team’ in London, as behaviour worsens.

How can Telematics significantly reduce speeding across your fleet?

Monitoring speeding on your vehicles can make a real difference for several things including fuel-saving, speeding offences, harsh braking & overall improved performance of driving.  The reason why Advanced Fleet Telematics is effective is due to accurate results collected by our high-quality MDVR’s. Our tracking technology operates with a 0.5-second refresh rate, you can be 100% sure of your fleet’s exact locations at any time

Manage your vehicles that are driving within or in and out of London, receive Geo-fence alerts, speeding reports and more with AdvancedFleet Telematics

Our AdvancedFleet fleet management system comprises a combination of fleet tracking, remote tachograph downloads and vehicle maintenance alerts. The comprehensive solution will help allow you to run a more efficient and cost-effective fleet. For more information on out AdvancedFleet Click here, or call 0208 391 8360.