It was the missing offside mirror that caused the police to pull an HGV vehicle from a well-known haulier over. After discovering 28 unsecured pallets of alcohol inside the trailer, the driver was further questioned which revealed he had no MOT for his trailer and the Tachograph showed he had breached the driving time limit. As the driver was unable to pay the on the spot fines, the police immobilised the vehicle. However, when the officers later returned to the scene, the lorry had disappeared!

The driver had managed to remove the immobiliser but, after intelligence checks, the officers were able to find out through ANPR that the vehicle was heading south. They alerted the Port of Dover Police, who subsequently arrested the man driving the HGV as it queued to board a ferry to France.

Sergeant Rob Beckers, from the Commercial Vehicle Unit at RTPC, said:
“A defective wing mirror might be considered a small issue, but this meant the driver had a blind spot blocking him from being able to see other vulnerable users – that is cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians – within two to three feet, which could have had very severe consequences. Carrying a huge heavy load without even a single strap to secure it was obviously a dangerous hazard as well.”

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