Benefits & Uses of AdvancedFleet Telematics

Your Total Fleet Management Solution

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Real Time Tracking & Integrated CCTV Technology

You can monitor your Fleet’s exact location with our reliable, real time Telematics device. Updates are visible through our AdvancedFleet software – accessible through any smart device.

Immediate GPS Live Tracking

Our tracking technology operates with a 0.5 second refresh rate, you can be 100% sure of your fleet’s exact locations at any time

Improve Fleet Management

Enhance your fleets operational efficiency with vehicle diagnostics. Optimise routes, reduce bad driving behaviour and eliminate false insurance claims with CCTV evidence

Geo-fence Your Business Assets

Ensure the safety of your vehicles. Setup an invisible safeguard against theft and unauthorised vehicle usage with real time alerts sent straight to your smart device app.

Customised Reporting

With a range of vehicle diagnostics at your disposal including braking, oil level and vehicle speed. We can customise your reports to track what matters to your business

CANbus Integration

CANbus helps firms operate more efficiently by supplying detailed data on how vehicles are being used – from each individual gear change to every last millilitre of fuel consumed

Remote Tacho Download

Remove the logistical nightmare of manually collecting driver card data by downloading this data remotely to your fleet tracking app-

AdvancedFleet Telematics integrates fully with Dashcam technology. This includes live video alerts and notifications for any extreme driver behaviour. The largest benefit being First Notification of Loss (FNL). Instant video notifications of accidents.

Business Mileage Reporting

It is now more important than ever to be able to demonstrate a record of all business and private mileage from your employees. With the AdvancedFleet Telematics system there is a specific application where access is available for all trips taken and can easily enter a value (Business or Private).


Temperature Monitoring

Real time temperature monitoring from your Desktop or Mobile app device. Push notification alerts for out of range temperatures.

Remote Immobilisation

Remotely immobilise your vehicles from our Telematics software. Safe immobilisation from vehicles next engine shut down

Driver Identification

Constantly switching drivers between vehicles? With our latest technology, you can track which driver is using a vehicle at any time and for how long

Why chose AdvancedFleet Telematics?

Your Total Fleet Management Solution

Google Maps, Street View, OS Postcode Map

Our Fleet tracking does not only support Google Maps and Street View but also full and stable Ordinance Survey postcode mapping unlike many other available fleet tracking platforms.

Unrivalled GPS Data Accuracy

Our AdvancedFleet trackers provide the most accurate GPS data on the market compared with like for like solutions giving you the most reliable route and mileage information.

Data Transmitted Every Second

To ensure full transparency on your fleets every movement, our trackers transmit information to your dashboard as frequently as every second compared to the industry average of every minute.

Live Traffic Information

Live traffic information and real-time TFL traffic cameras feed for route optimisation and agile management.

Seamless System Integration

Open-source platform for continuous and collaborative improvements as well as seamless integration with various existing systems – SATNAVs, Vehicle CCTV Systems and more.

Competitive Pricing

With a range of different payment options, our comprehensive fleet tracking solution is available at an exceptionally fair price.