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The recent CV show was a chance for us to display the newest and best in technologies for commercial vehicles.

We took that opportunity to show off our best camera quality for Vehicle CCTV.  Our brand-new AHD camera technology was on display at stand 3A69, as a new high-quality addition to our AdvancedVision CCTV solutions. AHD cameras are the latest in CCTV technology. The brand-new AHD format allows for greater resolution footage, capable of producing both 720p and 1080p high definition footage and improvements are being made all the time.

Alongside being reasonably priced, our AHD cameras also work on the same coaxial cable as traditional analogue cameras. This allows  their integrated use with hybrid DVRs, meaning no replacements are needed. By ensuring you have the best in camera technology, you will be providing comprehensive, 360-degree cover for your vehicles. High-definition footage from our cameras has stood up in court as evidence and is used regularly in the protection of vehicles around the EU.

AHD cameras offer crystal-clear video surrounding your vehicles and can be seamlessly integrated into any of our comprehensive mobile security systems. To find out more about AHD cameras, or how they could form a security solution for you, click here or call 0208 391 8360 to speak to our sales team.