AI VRU Detection System

AI VRU Detection system

Heavy Goods Vehicle operate with an inherent risk to other road users. Due to their dimensions and size blind spot zones exist around the vehicle where the driver has a restricted view from the cab. This risk is enhanced for pedestrian and cyclists or vulnerable road users (VRU), particularly in urban areas. Blind spots can be reduced through the fitting of low windows, additional mirrors, CCTV cameras and sensors alerting the driver to the hazard. Traditional systems go a long way to reduce incidents but can lead to driver fatigue. Constant alerts can cause a numbness to them, reducing their effectiveness and increasing the risk of a potentially fatal collision.

An AI VRU Detection System adds an intelligent AI camera set-up. Reducing false triggers, alerting both driver and VRU of danger in the blind spot with increasing alerts as a collision becomes imminent.

An intelligent AI camera system to eliminate vehicle blind spots, reduce false alerts and improve pedestrian & cyclist safety.

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Direct Vision Standard (DVS 2024)
DVS System

Differentiates between vulnerable road users (VRU) such as pedestrian and cyclists.

The high-resolution AI cameras are able to distinguish between a human being and a stationary object such as street furniture, lamp posts or benches. This mean less false alerts for drivers already at risk of an overload of information in the cab. The system will only pick up VRU in the blind spot danger zone.

Auto switch-off

Detections and alerts can be switched off in line with vehicle speed. This can be done using GPS or Can Bus data.

Audible alerts to driver in cab and VRU

As a VRU is picked up by the AI camera it will be highlighted on the in-cab monitor by boxing the hazard. This is accompanied by an alert to the driver. With colour coded ‘traffic light’ detection zones the more imminent a collision gets the more severe the alert. Alerts can be visual or audible, with an option to mute the audible alerts.

Auto mute feature

An external alarm will notify VRUs when they are in the danger zone. The same alarm acts as a left-hand turn warning with programmable & customisable alert options. The left-hand turn warning can be set to automate in line with local environmental noise requirements.

DVS System

Progressive Safe System


Host up to 4 x AI Cameras

The AI Controller box can accommodate up to 4 AI Cameras adding detection to all blind spot areas on the vehicle. Additionally, the AI controller box can integrate with an MDVR for cameras feeds from other cameras on the vehicle.

Compatible with radar sensors

For an additional layer of VRU protection, or for operators and drivers looking to protect their assets from driver error and vehicle damage radar sensors can be integrated into the system.

Compatible with existing CCTV systems

As all the processing for the VRU detection is done at the AI Controller box rather than in the camera feed elements of existing CCTV systems may be used. Existing cameras, if of high enough resolution, to ensure adequate detection. And installed in the right location to ensure adequate coverage may be compatible with the system. The same may be said for the monitor. As with all part installations consideration should be given to installing new equipment with existing older equipment, and their differing lifespans.

DVS 2024 kit
DVS kit 2024
DVS System
DVS System


Built in WIFI

System configuration and calibration is simplified using the AI controller box’s built in WIFI and the proprietary app. Selectable profile and algorithms based on vehicle type and camera designation.

DVS System

Cloud or local storage

The AI controller box can host an internal SD card or up to 512GB allowing for local storage. With 3G & 4G capability captured images can be backed up to the cloud.

ADAS & DMS capability

AI Cameras can also be fitted internally to monitor driver behaviour. Identifying risky behaviours such as driver fatigue, distraction, or mobile phone use. ADAS capabilities monitor the road ahead alerting drivers of approaching hazards, lane departure and close proximity.

Live view

Access camera feeds remotely, live at anytime and access footage. Incident occurred or accusation laid at your doorstep? Pull the video feeds immediately without having to wait for the vehicle to return to base. Track journey back in real time with accompanying live view and live track overlays.

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