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Biggest Safety Issue for Fleets: Driver Distraction

“…We are in danger of drowning in distraction because of the huge amount on offer in a modern vehicle.”

Red Corporate Driver Training CEO

Distracted driving might not seem as dangerous as falling asleep at the wheel or drink driving – but it can be just as deadly.

According to Road Safety report transport about 5 to 25% of car crashes have been attributed to driver distraction. In one study concerning truck drivers a much higher estimate of 70% has been found. Driver distraction has become a pressing concern for fleets worldwide. With the proliferation of technology and amenities in modern vehicles, the risk of drivers becoming distracted has increased exponentially. From smartphones to infotainment systems, there are numerous potential distractions vying for a driver’s attention, posing significant risks to road safety.

Financial Costs of Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving accidents exact a significant financial toll on individuals, businesses, and society. Beyond the human tragedy of injuries and loss of life, these accidents carry substantial economic consequences that extend far beyond the immediate aftermath of a crash.

How it can be resolved?

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: Regularly monitoring driver behaviour and providing feedback can help reinforce safe driving habits and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging telematics data and driver performance metrics, fleets can gain valuable insights into patterns of distracted driving and implement targeted interventions as needed.

Collaboration and Communication: Encouraging open communication and collaboration among fleet managers and drivers, is essential for maintaining a safe and supportive work environment. By fostering a culture of transparency and accountability, organizations can work together to address the root causes of distracted driving and implement effective solutions.

Technology Integration: Technology can enhance fleet safety by providing tools and resources to monitor and address distracted driving behaviours. Advanced solutions such as dash cams with real-time monitoring capabilities can help identify instances of distracted driving and facilitate timely intervention.

Getting Started with Distracted Driving Detection Tools:

For fleet managers looking to implement distracted driving detection within their operations.

AI Event Detection: Cameras can Analyse driver behaviour to proactively identify distracted driving behaviour and improve safety.

Alerts: In-cab audio alerts, and alert to receive an email notification or an SMS when a Distracted Driving event occurs.

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AI Video Based Safety

Capture HD Video of critical events

AI identification of risky driver behaviour

360 Degree HD Coverage

Live driver behaviour correction & coaching

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, distracted driving and more, with HD footage uploaded to the cloud and tagged with behaviours within minutes.

Retrieve hundreds of hours of video on-demand through the Samsara dashboard within minutes. Combine video retrieval with Samsara’s Proximity Search to pinpoint incident details based on GPS location and exonerate drivers.

Samsara’s AI dashcams identify risky behaviour with alerts sounded for: inattentive driving, proximity, harsh driving, no seatbelt & mobile usage.

Live in cab alerts with footage uploaded to Safety Inbox & Coaching Queue. Live virtual ride along driver training using in built microphone. Events sent to driver app with manager comment for review, driver acknowledgment & self-coaching.

Integrate with existing vehicle camera systems, adding value with live view and remote access. Add additional HD cameras, internal or external, for complete vehicle coverage.

Vehicle Telematics

Precise GPS Tracking with Real-time

Aerial View

Geofencing & Live Location Sharing

Optimise your fleet

Samsara’s fleet management solution offers precise GPS tracking with real-time aerial view capabilities, revolutionizing how you monitor and manage your vehicles. With Samsara, you can track your fleet’s movements down to the smallest detail, ensuring that you have accurate, up-to-the-second location information at your fingertips. This level of precision allows you to optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall fleet performance.

Geofencing enables to create virtual boundaries around specific areas, allowing you to monitor when vehicles enter or exit these zones. This not only helps with security and asset protection but also enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, Samsara offers live location sharing, making it easy to keep your customers informed about the exact whereabouts of their deliveries or services in real-time.

Incorporating Samsara into fleet management strategy means you can truly optimize your fleet operations. Whether looking to reduce fuel costs, enhance customer service, or simply streamline your daily operations, Samsara’s precise GPS tracking, geofencing, and live location sharing features provide the tools you need to make data-driven decisions and ensure your fleet is running at its best.