Back in August, ACSS released and article on how the Dashboard Camera (Dash-Cam) is the perfect tool for fleet operators. Over the past ten years, the number of dash-cams used in vehicles has risen in the UK, as many road-users find them useful to protect themselves in incidents and insurance claims.

The Dash-Cam’s steady improvement in technology has meant they now have sophisticated features which provide far more than just the recording function. Our Article described the multiple useful features of dash-cams. A recent article by Coach and Bus Week described how coach and bus drivers who use a dash cam could save themselves a lot of time and money, should there be an incident either on the road or with passengers.

Not only can dashboard cameras protect drivers in the event of an incident, but they provide numerous other benefits too. The previous article mentioned the use of dual dash-cams, which allow for both front and rear-view recording, which provides near 360-degree viewing of the vehicle’s surroundings. This not only can help save time and money in the event of an incident, but will drastically help reduce the insurance premiums for a fleet of coaches.

Also adding to the security of your fleet, dash-cam footage can provide a valuable training tool for your drivers, both improving driver behaviour and providing liability for drivers. While protecting your drivers, dash-cams can now provide motion sensor technology too, helping drivers manoeuvre long vehicles in tight urban environments. With additional technology such as lane-departure and front-on collision warnings, dash-cams provide an extra level of security in protecting your fleet and what is ultimately the most precious cargo – passengers.

With multiple levels of specifications available, and a range of different viewing platforms, CCTV can be a great start-point for bus and coach operators, looking to enhance the safety and security of their fleet. ACSS have a range of CCTV solutions to meet any requirement – for more information click here or call 0208 391 8360