Waste Management vehicles play a huge part in the UK’s economy – with the difficult job of accessing and navigating narrow streets as well as tight work sights and urban environments.

Not only do they pose a hazard to the surrounding area, but they must also operate in environments that pose a threat to themselves. There are many challenges associated with operating waste management vehicles daily – only made more demanding with pressure from bodies such as FORS, CLOCS and Crossrail to maintain the highest operating standards. Safety and Security solutions can be an answer for these challenges:

Manoeuvring in Congested Areas

Manoeuvring in urban environments can be a challenge for any waste management driver. Difficulty seeking a temporary parking space in peak times is worsened only by the increased risk of reversing accidents. Larger side and rear blind spots lead to increased risk both in parking and navigating busy roads, where bollards and other road hazards provide difficulties for even the best drivers. Driver aid reversing, and side-view cameras help to reduce this risk. Not only does this protect your vehicle, but can significantly reduce insurance premiums on fleets and individual vehicles. Combining this with reversing and left-hand turn alarms can provide complete protection for both road-users and drivers and operators alike.

Meeting Tight Schedules

Meeting tight schedules is a part of everyday life for all waste management drivers. In congested areas, managing mileage and time schedules can be made easier by fleet tracking and telematics systems. With real-time traffic updates and fuel management software, it makes managing driving routes an easy job for both fleet operators and drivers alike.

Cargo Protection

For many drivers their vehicles may contain a valuable cargo, whether it be hazardous waste, recycling materials, heavy loaded skips or scrap metal. This is particularly vulnerable to theft, when out on the job or parker overnight. CCTV not only provides a great deterrent, but can used as valuable evidence in solving court cases and insurance claims. With modern high-definition recorders able to record for long periods, vans can be protected 24/7 and, with infrared cameras, overnight protection is fully covered.

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