In July 2021, a minor collision occurred between a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) and a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) on the M25. Following the collision, the HGV driver forced the LCV driver to pull over in a still-live outside traffic lane. An altercation ensued, during which the LCV driver revealed that he had a dash camera that had recorded the collision and the HGV driver’s subsequent actions. Despite this, the HGV driver retrieved a table leg from his vehicle and used it to assault the LCV driver before driving away.

The HGV driver was eventually caught when a routine police Tachograph check was conducted a week later, which revealed that the driver was wanted for the assault. Thanks to the evidence recorded on the LCV’s dash cam, the HGV driver was eventually caught, convicted, and had his operator’s licence revoked.

This shocking case illustrates another real-world example of the true value of CCTV footage in quickly resolving any dispute around actions on our public roads. Whether a dashcam or a more advanced 360-view system, being able to recall video footage when incidents occur, or accusations are made, means the investment very quickly pays for itself—negating the need for any lengthy or costly negotiations or settlements.