On Sunday 30th October a Taxi Driver was assaulted and left with a broken ankle after three women attempted to walk away without paying for their journey.

The Avon and Somerset Police have released the taxi CCTV footage of the three women, in hopes that the public will call if they have any information that will help with the investigation.

Thanks to the Taxis CCTV showing the three women’s faces, the police have more evidence to help them catch the women and give justice to the injured taxi driver.

Throughout this year reports of violence against Taxi and PHV drivers has increased and unlike the driver in this incident, not all of them have CCTV in their vehicle. Mobile CCTV is becoming more of a necessity to protect drivers and their vehicles, contact us today to find out more about our CCTV systems and how we can help you protect yourself and your vehicle.

Source: https://www.taxi-point.co.uk/post/taxi-driver-ankle-broken-in-attack-by-three-women-who-tried-to-walk-off-without-paying