Construction Logistics and Community Safety

What is CLOCS?

CLOCS is a body who has developed the operating standards for construction logistics in the UK. Their standards have been adopted by both contractors and companies nationwide. Their standards are formed of eleven separate standards, codes of practice and policies relating to road safety, which have been merged together to form the CLOCs standard. With now over 400 members, CLOCS is paving the way for standards within the construction industry.

Why was it set up?

Between 2008 and 2013, 55% of cyclist fatalities in London involved HGVs – many of which were construction industry vehicles. In 2012 Transport for London commissioned an independent review of the construction sector’s transport activities and the causes of collisions. The so-called CLOCS report found the following:

  • Blind spots are larger than normal freight vehicles.
  • Road safety was not held in high regard amongst contractors
  • There was little understanding of the impact of poor operating standards
  • Finally, there were no common standards for road safety amongst the industry.

From this report, the body CLOCS was created to develop and embed safety standards in the industry nationwide.

Who is it for?

CLOCS is established for a wide range of both contractors and operators including Construction Clients, Logistics Operators, Vehicle Manufacturers, Trade Associations and Regulatory Bodies. CLOCS hopes that by bringing together a committed working group will help deliver the objective of improving road safety standards in the construction industry.

How to get involved

Those interest can contact CLOCS via their website to find out opportunities to get involved. They produce supplementary guidance on a range of topics, as well as toolkits and online resources for development. The CLOCS Show also provides a  great networking opportunity for operators and a chance to see the latest information and technology for making purchasing decisions.

The Standards

The CLOCS standard focuses on following best practice in the management of  operations, vehicles, drivers and construction sites. The requirements in the CLOCS standard aim to reduce the risk of a incident between a HGVs in the construction sector and vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians. The requirements include safety features, ranging from Warning Signage to Vehicle CCTV and Vehicle Movement Warnings – all of which help to improve visibility for both the driver and those around them. The majority of these features are available for install post-production and can significantly improve the safety and security of a fleet of vehicles.

ACSS provide a range of both Vehicle CCTV systems and Safety Accessories. For more information visit the CLOCS website or for information on how you can improve the safety and security of your fleet.