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The CV Show 2018 – ‘Advanced Remote Tacho Download’ AdvancedFleet Tracking Add on. The most cost effective on the market.

The CV show 2018 allowed ACSS to introduce our remote tachograph download feature, integrated into our AdvancedFleet Tracking Solution. Our brand-new add-on removes the logistical nightmare of manual data-collection, saving time and money. It also enables secure scheduled tachograph downloads, from anywhere in the EU, to be sent directly for analysis.

The simple and accessible solution reduces administration costs and streamlines the entire compliance process. Automated and remote downloads also reduce vehicle downtime, keeping them on the road and earning revenue. Alongside driver-card data, valuable vehicle performance information can be collected via a CANbus link– providing fault-codes and speed data, amongst more.

The intelligence of our hardware enables a contactless link between the tracker and CANbus, preventing voided vehicle warranties upon linking systems. Furthermore, we avoid the additional hardware costs that other systems face.

The new feature was be proudly launched at the CV Show 2018, as a new addition to our already-popular AdvancedFleet Solution. Click here to find out more about how AdvancedFleet could help you get the most out of your vehicles.