Fleet Operation comes a multitude of different problems every day

With mounting responsibility on Operators and Managers, these challenges can often seem unsolvable. Here are our top 5 problems that we feel fleet operators are facing today:

  1. Insurance premiums are on the rise
  2. Theft and vandalism of company assets is sky-rocketing
  3. Industry Compliance and standards schemes are constantly changing. 
  4. Poor driving and driver behaviour is costing businesses thousands
  5.  Increasing pressure to reduce the overall running costs of a fleet without disrupting or regressing operations.

Vehicle CCTV has become a must-have for Fleet Operators looking to enhance their fleet operations. CCTV not only enhances the safety and security of your vehicles, but can solve a number of other problems too.  Ranging from basic side-view and reversing-camera driving-aids through to complex high-definition multi-camera recording systems with vehicle safety accessories – CCTV solutions can be tailor-made to solve the problems your fleet faces.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

CCTV provides evidence to support investigation and claims. A system can help you reduce your insurance premium by exonerating your drivers and vehicles from blame.

Protection of Company Assets

External vehicle surveillance cameras act as the perfect deterrent against the theft and vandalism of company assets.

Saving Valuable Time

With indisputable evidence from your system, settling incident investigations becomes much quicker and incurs a fraction of the price.

Substantial Savings

With a relatively short pay-back period, CCTV can provide you with considerable savings across your fleet. From reduced premiums, improved driving and eliminating false injury and overtime claims, surveillance proves a worthwhile investment.

Improved Driving & Driver Behaviour

The use of vehicle cameras is proven to improve driving performance and driver behaviour as their actions are being monitored.

Evidence Based Driver Training

CCTV footage can be used for continuous driver performance improvement through evidence based training.

Peace of Mind

The added safety and security that a camera system provides gives both operators and drivers the peace of mind necessary to perform at the highest level.

Reduced Accident Frequency

The added safety and security that is brought to vehicles with a camera system can cause a significant reduction in the number of accidents involving them.

At ACSS, we hold 30 years’ experience in the vehicle CCTV market and can develop a solution for any requirement. For more information on our Vehicle CCTV Solutions click here or call 0208 391 8360.