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Dashcams in vehicles can be incredibly helpful, providing crucial evidence in accidents and legal cases. Recently, dashcam footage captured a massive crash on the Ohio River bridge between Louisville and Kentucky. The video shows a pickup truck swerving out of its lane to avoid a stalled vehicle before it crashes into a truck, causing the cabin of the truck and its driver to hang precariously 75 feet (23 meters) above the Ohio River.

This dramatic incident underscores the importance of dashcams in vehicles. The footage, which was played in court on May 15 during a hearing for Trevor Branham, the driver of the pickup truck, offers an objective record of the events leading up to the crash. The visual evidence provided by the dashcam is critical in understanding the dynamics of the accident and determining liability.

Dashcams serve multiple purposes: they can protect drivers from fraudulent claims, provide clear evidence in disputes, and enhance overall road safety by encouraging responsible driving behaviour. In this case, the dashcam footage was vital for the legal process, demonstrating the sequence of actions and contributing to a fair assessment of the incident.

Dashcams extends beyond personal security; they are valuable tools in the judicial system, offering clarity and aiding in the delivery of justice. The footage from the Ohio River bridge crash is a testament to their importance, highlighting how technology can significantly impact the resolution of traffic-related cases

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