ACSS was approached by a school in the South East looking to protect its recently purchased fleet of buses and the welfare and safety of the pupils they were transporting daily.

ACSS developed a system that provided internal coverage of driver and passenger behaviours, plus several external cameras (the front, the rear, nearside and offside) to monitor exactly what was happening on the roads.

The tracking system enabled GPS capability to pinpoint vehicle location, giving them the opportunity to monitor the location and arrival times of the school transport.

Subsequently, the school is extremely happy as the system has provided the following benefits:

  • Assuring parents their children are protected and safe
  • Managing the school fleet of vehicles
  • Protecting the reputation of the school
  • Enhanced driving behaviour


 Fully integrated Telematics system, with real-time live GPS data transmitted every second. AdvancedFleet is mobile & PC compatible making it easy to access anywhere with signal.

 AdvancedVision camera system with internal cameras provides the vehicle with full protection inside and out, ensuring compliance with safeguarding requirements.

 With the additions of a monitor, drivers are helped not only whilst driving, but viewing pupils boarding and disembarking.

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