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DVS 2024 (Direct Vision Standard 2024)

Direct Vision Standard 2024 (DVS) requires HGVs to have new DVS permit before October 2024 to operate in London

Step 1

Check your vehicle Star Rating on Tfl website

Check your Vehicle Star Rating

Star rating 

Step 2

Get a Progressive Safe System Installation

Vehicles rated 0,1 and 2

Will be required to install  Progressive Safe System kit

Step 3

Apply for DVS 2024

Vehicles with (0-5) star rating

Will need to apply for the permit

Ready to Operate in London

Permit expires in 2030

Direct Vision Standard zone

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What is DVS 2024?

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for 2024 is changing. Commencing on October 24, 2024, the updated DVS standard mandates that HGVs weighing over 12 tonnes (GVW) with a star rating of less than 3 stars will require additional safety equipment to be fitted. Representing a vast widening of the scope of DVS from vehicles under 1 star.

As of midnight on October 27, 2024, all previous DVS permits will become void. This mandates a rapid transition for vehicles that have a DVS rating of 0 to 2 stars, requiring them to update the safety equipment on their vehicle to meet the new Progressive Safe System.

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From 24 June 2024 vehicles with a star rating of 3 – 5 can obtain a permit with no modification. Vehicles with a star rating of 0 – 2 star will require the fitting of a Progressive Safe System before qualifying for their Safety Permit.

Any vehicle with a star rating of 0 -2 stars will be required to fit a system which includes all of the below

Blind Spot Information System (BSIS)

Blind spot information systems must be fitted to the vehicle to ensure full coverage down the nearside of  the vehicle .

Moving Off Information System(MOIS)

Vehicle must have a front sensor system

Audible Warning Equipment

Vehicle must be fitted with audible warning equipment to make nearby pedestrian, cyclists and other road users aware that the vehicle intends to carry out a turning manoeuvre (i.e. the vehicle is turning left)

Warning Signage

Warning Signage must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle

Driving a HGV within London without a valid DVS permit, may receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) of up to £550 (reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days) with a driver receiving a £130 fine.

TFL can also revoke or suspend a permit if a vehicle that has been granted a permit is later found to be in breach of the permit terms

The Progressive Safe System (2024) is made up of key elements that differentiate it from the current Safe System.

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Step 1 – Check your Star rating

All HGV’s need a star rating which can be obtained by visiting TfL official website or by contacting the manufacturer of the vehicle. Alternatively, ACSS can help you with your star rating.

The rating (0-5) is based on the how the vehicle was after the leaving the manufacturing line, the rating of vehicle wont be taken into account any after safe systems that has been fitted

Star rating for DVS

What if my vehicle rating is

0,1 or 2 Star rating

Vehicles rated 0, 1 and 2 stars must comply with the new Direct Vision Standard guidelines before October 2024, which requires fitting of additional safety equipment.

Vehicles that have 0 star rating, but have the DVS Safe System, need to upgrade their system to new Progressive Safe System before October 2024.

Vehicles that have 1 and 2 star rating, will require a Progressive Safe System before October 2024.

Step 2 Progressive Safe System →

3, 4 or 5 Star rating

Vehicles with star rating of 3, 4 and 5 have enough vision standard to comply with the new guidelines, Existing permit for HGVs rated three stars or above will remain valid for the duration stated in your confirmation email. For these vehicles a new safety permit will be granted automatically on application and will last until midnight on 28 October 2030

Step 3 Apply for a Permit →

Step 2 – Progressive Safe System

Vehicles with star rating of 0, 1 and 2 will be required to install a Progressive Safe System, A system suggested by Transport for London (Tfl) to increase driver’s visability in vehicle blind spots and increase vulnerable road users safety.

ACSS Progressive Safe System

  • Can be Upgraded from current DVS Safe system

  • Integrate with existing vehicle CCTV system

  • Identifies cyclist from street furniture
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Nationwide Installation

Step 3 – Apply for DVS 2024 Permit

Applications for new Direct vision Standard permit will open on 24th June 2024. DVS Permits are applied for via the TfL web portal. Operators will need to self certify the equipment fitted to their vehicle and supply photos of the vehicle in line with the TfL guide lines. Applications are free of charge, and permits are digital.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The choice is yours. You can install either system now to obtain your permit. If you opt for a Safe System you will need to upgrade to a PSS by October 2024. Whichever system you install you will need to reapply for a Safety Permit under the new DVS 2024 requirements from June 2024.

The scope of DVS 2024 is changing. A 1-star vehicle currently requires no modifications. Under DVS 2024 a 1-star vehicle will require a Progressive safe System fitted. The same will apply for 2-star vehicles which currently does not require any modifications.

Certain elements of a Safe System can be used. These are likely to be the in-cab monitor and, in some cases, the nearside camera. Additional equipment will need to be fitted.

ACSS’s Progressive Safe System  kit  is available fully fitted & calibrated from circa £1,000 + VAT. Upgrade packages also available.

Under DVS 2024 you will still require a Safety Permit to operate in Greater London although no modifications are required to your vehicle now or for DVS 2024. You will however need to reapply for a DVS Safety Permit under the new regulations from June 2024.

You can fit a PSS Progressive Safe System now or anytime up till the regulation change in October 2024. DVS Safety Permits can be attained now evidencing a PSS but will still have to be reapplied for under the new regulations from June 2024. The process for applying for a Safety Permit under DVS 2024 will be very similar to the current system requiring photo evidence. Additionally, operators will need to provide a Sensor Functionality Statement.

Over the summer 2023 TfL confirmed the technical requirements that a PSS system must fulfil. They have not stated precisely the equipment that must be fitted to fulfil the requirements.

For some time ACSS have been developing their Progressive Safe System, which uses AI technology and high-resolution cameras calibrated to TfL technical specifications to fulfil DVS 2024 requirements. After extensive testing we are now installing the system ahead of the 2024 changes.

Vehicles such as coaches, buses, breakdown vehicles, mobile cranes, emergency vehicles and showman’s vehicles are exempt from requiring a DVS Safety Permit. If your vehicle requires a permit now it will under DVS 2024. The easiest way to confirm is to check your vehicles star rating and registration on the TfL DVS page.