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eastbourne lewes council approved cameras

Eastbourne Borough & Lewes District Councils approved CCTV

From the 1st October 2023 both Eastbourne and Lewes will be implementing mandatory CCTV inside Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles. ACSS is one of five suppliers for Eastbourne & Lewes.

Purchase the Council approved Kit online, through our Cabcams website.

Purchase kit Online

The Basic Requirements for Eastbourne & Lewes Taxi & PHV CCTV:

Vehicle CCTV Systems in Eastbourne & Lewes must be able to record footage for up to 28 days minimum.

ACSS will provide signage so that passengers are aware of the CCTV recording them.

Audio is not allowed to be recorded.

All captured footage will be protected and controlled by Eastbourne & Lewes Councils so in the event of an incident you would have 48 hours to report it to the council to gain access to the footage.

The CCTV system can be comprised of up to 4 cameras, see our recommended systems below.

Recommended Systems:

Eastbourne & Lewes 2 Camera System2023-03-08T14:41:29+00:00
Eastbourne & Lewes 3 Camera System2023-03-08T14:42:06+00:00
Eastbourne & Lewes 4 Camera System2023-03-08T14:42:39+00:00
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