FORS Professional Pedestrian Safe is the latest free-to-access eLearning module available online to FORS members.

The new eLearning module seeks to educate drivers on the specific dangers pedestrians face and what they can do to protect them. Pedestrian Safe joins the existing suite of safety eLearning modules (Cycle Safety, Van Smart, Smart Driving, and Bridge Smart) meaning another option is available to drivers to meet Bronze requirement ‘D4 Professional development.’ At Bronze, drivers must have undertaken one safety eLearning module in the past 12 months and the Security and Counter Terrorism eLearning module in the past 24 months.

In order to make the new eLearning module as convenient as possible for drivers who may not have direct access to a PC, the module is mobile-friendly. Additionally, Pedestrian Safe will be made available for group eLearning next month.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, the training module will provide the user with a better understanding of the risks faced by pedestrians and the techniques that can be used to mitigate these risks, including:

  • Checking driving conditions
  • Avoiding incorrect assumptions
  • How to keep focused when driving

FORS manager Sonia Hayward said, “We believe it is the responsibility of all drivers to have the safety of other road users at the front of their minds. FORS Professional Pedestrian Safe will help drivers to identify the many risks pedestrians face, and most importantly, offer techniques which can be adopted to ensure pedestrians remain as safe as possible.”

Check out the new eLearning module here.