Eliminating blind spots on your Commercial Fleet.

Blind spots are proving to be a major cause of collisions leading to pedestrian and cyclists’ fatalities on London’s roads. It is believed that 31% of fatalities are from pulling away, 19% of fatalities are from turning left and 6% of fatalities are from turning right. Blind spots are responsible for these accidents. 80% of serious cyclist accidents happen at, or within 20 meters of a junction.

Improving visibility.

Whilst most new vehicles come with driver assistance systems, fleet operatives and drivers need to do more to improve safety across their fleet. Onboard multi-camera systems will assist you in eliminating blind spots and ensure safe manoeuvring. Cameras can be mounted around the vehicle providing 360 coverage, these are weatherproof cameras that will provide you with many benefits.

Our experience of the haulage sector and HGV CCTV helps us understand the many challenges transport & fleet managers are facing today.

We have developed specific solutions to introduce HGV CCTV, fleet tracking and other road safety technologies. These have successfully addressed these challenges in an integrated manner.

Due to the dangers of operating heavy good vehicles in congested inner cities, haulage operators are under constant scrutiny from multiple stakeholders to ensure their vehicles can operate safely and securely. Industry compliance regulators such as FORS and CLOCS are applying increasing pressure on operators to ramp up safety standards to create a safe and sustainable working environment.

Complete 360-degree vision systems can be of far more benefit to all road users, allowing for greater visibility for drivers. Similarly manoeuvre warnings, such as a left-hand turn or reversing alarm can indicate clearly to all those around that you intend to move. Finally, proximity sensors can give you a secure warning that there are other road users in your vicinity, even when you can’t see them.

“The AdvancedVision System provided by ACSS has allowed us to guarantee the security of our clients’ deliveries, which has been our key selling point for the last 30 years. The extra security has also reduced the overall cost of our fleet and gives our drivers support from fraudulent claims. The system is now installed on a lot of our current fleet and will be installed on all our new vehicles moving forward.”