Distractions for drivers are at an all-time high, a study by Atlas Insurance stated that two-thirds of accidents were caused by distracted driving. With the high technology and optional extras, we are able to access on new vehicles today such as lane assist, blind spot monitoring and automatic braking systems. This could encourage lazy and risky behaviours like using your mobile phone.

driver monitoring systems

Samsung teams up with Eyesight to create a driver monitoring system

However, it has been said that Euro NCAP (New Car Assignment Programme) will require any manufacturer wishing to receive a 5-star safety rating on its models to have a driver-monitoring system installed.

Eyesight and Samsung’s driver monitoring system monitors a driver’s gaze direction, pupil dilation, eye openness, blink rate and head position using Eyesight’s proprietary Computer Vision algorithms to detect levels of drowsiness and distraction.

Eyesight uses a single camera located near the infotainment system or above the instrument cluster, plus proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). This will judge if the driver is prepped to take the wheel.

These regulations are set to take place in 2020, which makes interesting times for the Telematics and driver monitoring world.