Near side & reversing camera with driver monitor to aid drivers

Aiding drivers in congested inner cities and work sites. Assisting with the elimination of blind spots to protect vulnerable road users as well as aiding drivers when making difficult manoeuvres.

The solution is made up of a reversing and near side view camera linked to an in-cab monitor. It can also be integrated with one of our high performance mobile digital video recorders to store footage for accident investigations and driver training. AdvancedSafety proximity sensors and warning speakers can be integrated with the system to further enhance the safety of your vehicles.

Installing this driving aid solutions can provide you with the following benefits:

  • 2 camera system comprising the ACCAM-8 AHD Side View Camera, & ACCAM-5IR AHD Reversing Camera. Which is a is a cost-effective solution to increasing the safety of your vehicle
  • A high-performance SD card based ACM1-AHD mobile digital video recorder allows for clear video quality.
  • Included we combine an in-cab monitor for reversing assistance along ACSS AdvancedSafety ultra sonic proximity sensors and audible warning system to indicate blind spots and increase driver security.