External all round visibility for enhanced safety & security

Enhancing the safety and security of your vehicles. A 4 camera total external visibility system is designed to enhance the overall safety and security of your vehicles with footage for accident investigations and driver training as well as eliminating blind spots and providing total visibility when navigating through congested inner cities and work sites.

The system is made up of high definition forward and rear facing cameras along with 2 blind spot eliminating side view cameras recording onto our high-performance HDD based ACX1 AHD mobile digital video recorder capable of recording for lengthy periods. The solutions can be fitted with a monitor for driving assistance and has optional live view capabilities for remote management applications. As with all our systems, monitors can be fitted for driving assistance and AdvancedSafety ultra-sonic proximity sensors and audible warning systems can be added to further enhance the safety and security of your vehicles.

Installing this all-round visibility solution can provide you with the following solutions:

  • 4 camera system comprising; ACCAM2-AHD Forward facing camera, & ACCAM-5IR AHD Reversing Camera, & 2x ACCAM-8 AHD Side View Cameras. Which is a is a cost-effective solution to increasing the safety of your vehicle

  • A high-performance Hard Disk based ACx1-AHD mobile digital video recorder allows for clear video quality.