Licence Bureau is warning fleet managers and others responsible for business fleets that they face the same penalty points as their employees when they are convicted of a driving offence, such as mobile phone use.

Responsible parties can incur the same amount of points as the actual vehicle driver to the often unknown and much misunderstood ‘cause or permit to drive’ legislation, which ultimately puts the responsibility onto the fleet manager.

According to the Road Traffic Act 1988/1991, ownership of a vehicle involved in an offence is irrelevant. This, therefore, implicates both owned business fleet and grey fleet, operators.

Those responsible for business fleets really need to evaluate the risk and ensure they have all bases covered – with the likes of CCTV and Telematics, you can always ensure that you can prove your case.

Steve Pinchen, sales director of License Bureau explained ‘This much unknown rule has some very serious implications indeed for individuals and businesses alike’

Steve continued: “Beyond the actual penalty points there are the knock-on implications for elevated risk profiles within the business and what that might mean for insurance premiums; professional and personal impacts for fleet managers; as well as the potential for reputational damage for the company.”

Telematics allows Fleet managers to monitor and improve their driver’s behaviour. It is an effective way of training drivers for offence-less and better driving. Thus, you are not only able to prove to have done everything possible to protect your vehicles but also saving money by running a more efficient fleet.