The Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme

What is FORS?

The Fleet Operators Recognitions Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary scheme which promotes higher operating standards amongst commercial vehicle operators. It currently has over 4,600 members from many areas of the transport industry. It provides guidelines for all aspects of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Not only do they encourage and train operators to measure, monitor and improve performance – but also lobby for operation standards industry wide. They provided pathways for operators of any type, ranging from Heavy Commercial to Light Goods Vehicles.

What benefits are there?

The benefits to becoming FORS accredited are numerous. It helps you as a business to stand out, providing the highest levels of safety in your operations. By complying with their standards, you will greatly improve road safety across the industry, reduce your chances of road incidents and prevent unnecessary fines and penalties. Joining the FORS network will also gains you valuable industry knowledge and improve your business network. The various workshops they provide also give you a chance to train and improve as an operator.

What accreditation is avaialable?

There are three levels of FORS accreditation for operators:

  • Bronze: Entry Level award for good practice.
  • Silver: Intermediate Award for high quality operator, who is committed to becoming safer, green and more efficient.
  • Gold: Highest Award for Exceptional Operator meeting specific targets and continuing improvement.

Industry Wide Alignment

Operators who meet Silver Accreditation are aligned with the requirements for the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standards and TfL’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements. This helps to improve business prospects for operators and gain contracts for operating, particularly in London. A recent article published by FleetNews showed that FORS accreditation significantly improved the chance of an company being contracted in London.

What do FORS offer?

FORS offer a lot of training and development tools. Best Practice Toolkits and advice provides aids for drivers and operators for practical operations. Professional development workshops offer a great opportunity for operators to develop their practice and share and learn from each other. Online training modules also offer a good chance to learn remotely, great for smaller businesses.

How to get involved?

FORS offer a number of workshops and schemes for companies ranging from a  Single Operating Centre Accreditation (SOCA), for companies with one centre, Multi-operating Centre Accreditation (MOCA), for companies with multiple depots to the Whole-Fleet Accreditation (WFA), reserved  for Operators with 3+ Centres and demonstrate company wide application via an external audit. Once accredited you must undergo the Annual Independent FORS audit, which takes place every 2 years for silver and 3 years for gold.

How can we help?

To enhance our clients’ future success, ACSS Ltd can supply and install various mobile CCTV and vehicle safety solutions to enable vehicle operators to meet FORS’ progressive BRONZE, GOLD and SILVER accreditations.

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