Today’s technology allows us to reduce risk and cut costs for businesses operating fleets of vehicles. You may have thought about CCTV or telematics to improve your staff behaviour or working procedures, but have you thought about whether it would be beneficial to your establishment?

In 2015, a HGV driver was caught making a card payment on his mobile phone whilst driving. Unfortunately for him, this was all recorded by a police officer in another vehicle. Footage from the patrol vehicle showed the driver ignoring the law and driving dangerously. This incident could have been prevented by on-board monitoring.

HGV Truck transporting goods along the Highway

What technology can be used? 

Video monitoring combined with telematics tracking will maximise effective ways of seeing these benefits mentioned above. A major benefit of this on board is the encouraged best practice for your staff.

With so many drivers on the road and the risk of safety ever-increasing, your company’s reputation is important, by monitoring behaviour and driving you can keep on top of all aspects of your business.

How this can benefit you:

There are several benefits to having technology on board including: improving driver behaviour, reduced costs, improved driving style & evidence has proved to settle claims fairly and easily. 

Fleet News reported that during a six month trial, where 50% of a fleet had  cameras and the other 50% did not, the vehicles fitted with the cameras saw a massive drop in the number of collisions. 

During the six month period, accident numbers dropped by 50% and there was a 25% reduction in claim costs in those vehicles fitted with CCTV compared to the other half of were not.

If you are a Fleet Operator or Manager we recommend you get in contact with ACSS today to find out what bespoke service we can offer you.