Private and Business Mileage Records 

HMRC penalties for inaccurately claiming business mileage

It is estimated that up to 60% of business drivers overestimate their business fuel claims, which accounts for a potentially large sum of overpayments going through your business each month.

HMRC can levy a fine on a business of up to £3,000 per annum per employee for an incorrect tax return.

  •  A construction company in the West Midlands fined £128,000 for discrepancies in relation to 10 vehicles.

  • A transport company fined £42,000 for irregularities relating to 10 vehicles.

  • A business fined more than £28,000 in relation to mileage errors associated with two company cars.

  • A company fined £21,875 also relating to inadequate mileage reporting relating to two company cars.

How can AdvancedFleet Telematics help?

✔  Personal & Business mileage app

✔  Get up to date location of where the driver starts their day

✔  Live alerts for unauthorised use

✔  Simplify reports for journeys which specify an actual usage of a company vehicle for business or private purposes

✔  The system can determine the following trip statuses: ‘Business’, ‘Personal’, ‘Home—Office—Home’

ACSS provides a solution that can help you through this process. Update and submit your figures to HMRC confidently using the data provided by our Telematics solution.

For more information please visit the Government Website.