Over the past months, further to Government’s guidance, ACSS offices were closed although we continued to operate remotely. Our offices have now reopened so we can serve our clients better.

Like all of you, we were confronted with such uncertainty. We wanted to prevent the shut-down domino effect that would have been far too significant for us and others to recover from.

We decided to prioritise work for those that are key workers in the Transporation industry, whether that was fleet checks, repairs, upgrades or new equipment to comply with any required measures during COVID- 19

Our fantastic, hard-working engineers continued to provide a service to our valued customers, whilst taking out the precautionary measures for Health & Safety.

Even more than before, CCTV and Telematics can save money on the cost of running your business in the “new normal” and ensure compliance and security for your fleet.

We have been supporting our customers through this critical time with essential installations and ensuring our customer’s vehicles get back on the road swiftly and safely.

Our in-house engineers and technical team have been on hand providing support where needed and we are delighted to inform you that we are now back to full team capacity.

Have any questions or enquiries?

Get in touch with our specialists on  020 8391 8360 or click here to discuss further

All of our engineers are ready to help you ensure your fleet stay safe on the road.