Today’s customers demand a high level of customer service. One thing to consider is if your customers are suffering at the cost of your mistakes, are your drivers delivering goods or attending jobs on time? Is your fleet uptime enough to keep up with the demand of your customers? The use of Telematics will help you monitor every aspect of your fleet.

Telematics has opened possibilities that we never thought were possible years ago. We now have access to these valuable insights; fleet managers can now analyse routes being taken and journey times to save time and reduce costs where possible.

Tackling issues

Fleet managers are also able to monitor the status of their vehicles, track any failures or maintenance messages. This will overall increase time on the road by enabling you to tackle issues before they arise. Customer service is so important, in this digital age of reviews and viral posts, bad word travels fast. Ensure every impression you make with your customers is a great one, by utilising Telematics you will win new business and increase satisfaction.

Accuracy is key

Thanks to the accurate positioning and real-time visibility of vehicles in AdvancedFleet suite, fleet managers/controllers can locate the position of drivers instantly, with confidence that the information provided is accurate

Efficiency across your fleet and workforce can be increased significantly. Businesses are now able to create timesheets accurately, stopping drivers parking up their vehicle and claiming more work time than they should be. It is also allowing fleet managers to be more responsive to jobs and emergency callouts, giving them the ability them to send out the closest drivers. This, in turn, is saving mileage covered and you can confidently assure the customer of the expected time of arrival.

If you are ready to embrace Telematics and reap the rewards, why not trial AdvancedFleet Telematics to find how this will benefit you.