IP Cameras

IP Cameras are the future of mobile CCTV surveillance. Over the past 20 years, computer advancements have allowed us to vastly improve surveillance capabilities. First developed in the late 90s, the Internet Protocol Camera has the functionality to send and receive data via the internet. Thus, allowing it to record footage wirelessly to a mobile DVR. Both high definition and extremely durable, the IP camera is the perfect solution for mobile CCTV.

IP Cameras contain the power to perform as a standalone system. This is done by boosting processing power and communication abilities, as well as being integrated into surveillance systems. With the very latest imaging technology, these cameras offer a much higher quality image than analogue camera equivalents.

Not only do IP Cameras provide significantly higher resolution images than current Analogue Cameras, they also display superior contrast ratios and frame rates. High resolution images allow fleet operators to view small details with clarity, such as number plates and cyclist positions. The superior footage speeds up investigation settlements and saves fleet operators thousands on insurance. The footage recorded is then useful training materials for drivers. Don’t believe us? Read more about IP cameras here.

Recent improvements in production have introduced High Definition IP Cameras at affordable prices for fleet managers across all sectors. Therefore, making them the best on the market for image quality, wireless capability, storage and security. It is certainly the technology to watch out for.

ACSS recommend IP Cameras for forward-facing, side-view and internal monitoring in all commercial vehicles. These cameras provide our clients with a simple and durable surveillance system, which delivers the high-quality footage that they require.

What Can ACSS Offer?

At ACSS, our IP camera range boasts the following features:

720p Resolution

30 Frames Per Second (FPS)

Built-in Power Loss Protections

IP66 Weatherproof Protection

Anti-Vibration Technology

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