For many fleets up and down the UK involved in the logistics business have had to deal with a huge uncertainty along with additional constraints brought on by COVID 19. It is not surprising that this virus has disrupted the supply chain across the world and with restraints and bars closed, the fleet industry is likely to be highly affected due to the lack of demand for certain goods. This advice is aimed people are couriers, mobile workers, HGV drivers and similar roles.

It is important that as a fleet manager you carry out the preventative measures that can be done during downtime to ensure your fleet is functioning at the highest standard. We do live in times of uncertainty and if we have learnt anything over the past few months it is to be prepared and to be organised.

Supporting Your Drivers

Within your fleet safety initiative, your drivers need to be included. This is especially the case if your employees must face your clients. You should be providing correct PPE, antibacterial stations, and additional protective wear, where necessary.

Sanitising Vehicles

  • Disinfect door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • AC vents
  • CCTV Monitors 
  • Controls within the cab/vehicle that are touched frequently

Tracking Your Assets

During this pandemic, your business needs to monitor operating costs along with assets (vehicles). The use of telematics is proven to improve driving performance and behaviour, which in turn you will see significant savings on fuel and wear and tear on your fleet. You can monitor your Fleet’s exact location with our reliable, real time Telematics device. Updates are visible through our AdvancedFleet software – accessible through any smart device. 

Monitoring your drivers PPE usage during the COVID19 Pandemic

Assure your clients that safety is your priority by ensuring your drivers are using correct equipment at all times. Not following the government guidance could cost you repeat business.

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