Total Fleet Security

Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution

Maple is a solution-led company, designing, manufacturing and installing safety and security applications for the road transport and logistics industries.

Providing innovative, practical and user-friendly solutions since 1974 with a philosophy of embracing new and emerging technologies, Maple’s product range has continued to evolve, keeping pace with the demands of the logistics industry. Specialising in the protection of goods in transit including high-risk and sensitive loads, Maple has the unique ability to track the ever-changing demands and requirements of today’s multichannel operators.

Turtle – Barn Door Lock

A high-strength trailer door locking solution ideal for long haul, operations, where the load area needs to be secured while the goods are in transit. This operationally robust security solution deters any opportunist thief or migrant from entering your trailer. This lock hasp consists of 2 parts with one part fitted to each of the opening doors with high-strength bolts, or each part can be welded if preferred.

Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution
Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution


A convenient, reusable and cost-effective security seal and integrated locking system for use on commercial vehicles.

  • A completely self-powered system
  • Doors lock & seal automatically upon closure
  • High visibility automatically generated 5 digit seal number
  • Manual or automatic (slamlock) settings. Shutter & barn door applications.

Integritas allows you to prove beyond doubt that the integrity of your vehicles and their cargo is maintained at all times, no ambiguity, no grey areas, no questions.

  • Provides seal status of load area at all times
  • Ensures only authorised persons can access vehicles.
  • Data download of all door, lock and seal events for reporting purposes
Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution
Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution

Flexible access control options mean you can always securely access your cargo.

  • Access via RFID transponder fob
    • Fobs can be programmed to access single vehicles of fleet-wide access and with varying validity periods
    • Lost or stolen keys can be quickly & easily deleted
  • Emergency pin numbers allow access in event of lost or misplaced keys.
  • Keyless entry through the generation of single-use access codes.


FreightLock offers the highest level of physical security within the Maple portfolio. Boasting over 35 years of in-field service, FreightLock is the benchmark standard.

  • Heavy-duty, high-security locking cylinders
  • Fitted internally making it invisible to intruders & protected against attack
  • SlamLock operation ( i.e Can’t forget to lock load area)
Maple and ACSS Security Vehicle Security Solution

Operated pneumatically for the ultimate in reliability, FreightLock is capable of delivering a powerful locking action, which also utilises minimal power consumption

  • Pneumatic operation for greater reliability ( i.e no flat batteries/burnt-out solenoids)
  • All parts designed to withstand commercial vehicle environments (i.e. road salts, freezing conditions, loading equipment)

A flexible solution that can be fitted to any door configuration, whilst also offering the opportunity for fleet operators to tailor the system to meet their requirements

  • Can be installed to shutter or barn doors, dry freight or refrigerated applications
  • Single or multi-point locking
  • Choice of control: Key, transponder or RFID IQ (electronic sealing)

Remotely control door locks, see real-time door locks status and receive custom alarms through integration with a compatible telematics solution.

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An integrated driver recognition system and immobiliser that protects unattended vehicles against unauthorised movement or theft. DriveLock enables the continued safe, secure and legally compliant operation of an idling vehicle. It is an ideal application for users that need to leave the engine running (with keys in the ignition) to power other operations or ancillary equipment.