More than 60 cargo thefts from trucks have been reported since the beginning of 2021. It is reported that over 1million worth of goods, according to the latest figures from NAVICS( National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service) in 2020 alone, freight crime cost £95.7million

“Cargo crime has wide-reaching consequences – shop prices are driven up, supply chains are disrupted, brand reputations are harmed, and contracts have been lost following failed deliveries.

Most offences are being taken out on independent road parking, accounting for 50% of all offences. Method of entry shown below from NaVCIS 2020 report.

NaVCIS subject matter experts recommend doing the following:

  • Consider the use of a hard side vehicle when transporting vulnerable loads
  • Consider Alarm systems to indicate unauthorised Trailer access
  • Consider Re-enforced Trailer Curtain systems
  • Consider the use of TIR seals and cables
  • For companies that are victims of cargo crime – especially those that have failed to take adequate precautions to protect their supply chains or their customers’ goods – the consequences can be substantial; lost business, damaged reputations, and higher insurance premiums to name but three.

The impact is far greater than simply the cost of the stolen goods. One study involving the pharmaceutical industry put the true cost of loss at five-seven times the value of the goods stolen once the entire recovery process has been accounted for. And this only represents the challenges that exist today.