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CCTV and Telematics for School Bus Coach Company

Giving Coach & Bus Companies a competitive edge.

“Since we installed ACSS’ Advanced Vision and Tracking system we have greatly improved our overall presence to schools, enhanced our fleet performance and given our drivers significant support and unrivalled backup.”

Managing Director, South East Bus & Coach Company



ACSS worked closely with a South East business that provides coaches and buses to schools. The company were looking to offer additional service benefits to schools and parents whilst maintaining a cost-effective operation. Working with the company, ACSS developed the perfect solution using a fully integrated Telematics and CCTV system.

Bespoke CCTV solution


The installation of eight cameras ensured limited internal damage and gave the driver visibility of the passengers both boarding and disembarking the vehicle for additional security.

The Live GPS combined with a smart device app gives parents the chance to track the location of the school coach carrying their children. The significant benefit of the ACSS tracking system is the refresh rate of half a second, rather than the industry norm of 10 seconds. This ensures the exact position of a vehicle is known, even in open spaces, rather than an approximate position. In case of an accident, the company would know if the coach was on the hard shoulder or in the ditch!

Both company and schools were able to assure the parents that the installation of cameras would monitor pupils’ behaviour along with that of the driver. All data are encrypted and only used if there is an incident to be resolved. In principle, the system meets both safeguarding and GDPR’s concerns.

To ensure a cost-effective fleet operation, vehicle diagnostics were also made available. This enables data on driving performance to be uploaded and corrective action is taken.

Since having the system installed, the company has significantly improved their overall safety and fleet performance. Driver behaviour has improved, and fuel costs have been lowered. More importantly, both schools and parents continue to have significant confidence in the company.

Key Milestones:

  • Protection from unruly passengers
  • Prevention from false claims with undisputable evidence
  • The ability for authorised persons to locate where your bus is via an app
ACSS Telematics
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