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CCTV Cross Rail Solution for City Lifting


City Lifting is London’s Number one mobile and tower crane hire company. With the beginning of Operation Crossrail in 2015, construction companies were required to meet standards of safety to work on the project. This included the use of turning warning systems, reversing alarms and reversing cameras. As a major operator in London, CityLifting contacted ACSS, to create a custom solution to meet these standards.

“ACSS AdvancedVision system has allowed us to operate on the Crossrail Project, which has significantly improved our company profile. We have found that it has reaped other benefits, including reduced insurance premiums and improved driver behaviour”

Bill Buckley, Transport Manager, City Lifting Ltd


  • Crossrail compliance leading to improved company profile
  • FORS accreditation leading to increased business interest
  • Significant reduction in insurance and overall fleet costs

Bespoke Industry Compliance Solution


A three-camera driving aid system with a 7” monitor was installed for their fitters vans, creating all-round visibility for drivers. A five-camera system with a 7” driver monitor was agreed implemented across their mobile crane vehicles, enabling all-round visibility for drivers and providing recorded evidence for fleet operators. Both systems included reversing cameras to aid in manoeuvring vehicles in tight spaces and congested inner cities.



Since City Lifting has equipped their fleet with our AdvancedVision solution, they can now operate on London’s biggest-ever construction project. This has massively improved their business prospects and company profile, by improving the safety standards of their fleet. Additionally, City Lifting have found other benefits from introducing ACSS solutions – the surveillance footage has improved the overall security of their fleet – reducing their insurance premiums and allowing for claims to be settled instantly. It has also improved driver behaviour, resulting in improved fleet performance and ultimately reducing costs on fuel and the likely hood of accidents. CityLifting has stated that they feel their business has reached new levels thanks to the safety standards they now maintain. They are also extremely happy with the reduction of costs that the AdvancedVision system has provided.

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