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DVS and FORS Compliace Systems for Stagefreight Haulage

Stagefreight Haulage, an industry leader in event & general haulage have been delivering essential stage and event equipment to theaters, venues, and exhibition centers across Europe for 36 years

“We are very pleased we chose ACSS for this project. We needed a reliable system installed by professionals and that is exactly what we got. We were given our own project manager who was constantly in touch and helping us with any queries and I cannot speak highly enough of the communication. It was very helpful that ACSS provided in house engineers as we got to know them, and they got to know our vehicles. I have already recommended ACSS to others and would happily do so again.”

Chris Adgie, Director, Stagefreight LTD



Although based in Leeds, Stagefreight’s vehicles spend many hours delivering to venues within the M25. Keeping a close eye on safety and security compliance, they became aware of the impending Direct Vision Standard (DVS) due as they were about to upgrade their fleet to the FORS standard. Thus, they looked for a company that could not only supply & fit a DVS system but also help them to meet future exacting standards. Since their vehicles are usually carrying high-value goods, they needed a supplier able to offer reliable and robust equipment. Due to their wide range of vehicles experienced engineers were required for the survey to ensure the appropriate systems were installed.

Bespoke Industry Compliance Solution

After detailed discussions, ACSS provided Stagefreight with the necessary compliance equipment to not only get their DVS certificate but also achieve FORS standards. ACSS experienced in-house installation crew worked closely with the Stagefreight transport team to find the optimum configuration and solution. In addition to systems to cut the sensors off at 20 mph, a Digital Video Recorder as well as, in some cases, rear view cameras were added to ensure key events could be recorded. ACSS’s fully scalable system easily allows Stagefreight to add additional cameras and sensors whenever required.



Stagefreight were delighted with the results. Not only they were able to get the required certification to operate safely within London but now have a future-proof system helping them to meet any forthcoming standards. The ability to review footage and train drivers has already resulted in improved driver behaviour and a marked decrease in incidents.

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