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ACSS Solution – Live CCTV

Industry – Ground works and Constructions

Vehicles – Rigid and Artic

Improving Driver Performance with CCTV System for Essex Groundwork.

Essex Groundwork Supplies is a family-run business specialising in groundwork and civil engineering materials, operating their own haulage fleet, mainly of self, offload vehicles. As a commitment to improving fleet performance, Essex Groundwork contracted ACSS looking to reduce costs and support staff.

“Our drivers are much happier now that they are equipped with a user-friendly system which not only supports their driving, but protects them from false claims as well. The evidence based system has reduced the insurance cost on our fleet, which we consider to be a massive bonus. The system is now installed on the majority of our rigid vehicles and we look foward to our continued relationship with ACSS.”

Peter Tyrer Jolley, Managing Director, Essex Groundwork Supplies Ltd


  • Improving driver behaviour
  • Greater transparency and control over fleet operations with live view
  • Enhanced overall fleet performance
  • Significant reduction in the cost of insurance and false claims

Bespoke Industry Compliance Solution


ACSS worked closely with Essex Groundwork to develop a driver-friendly system for their rigid vehicles. Deciding on a 6 Camera System, including a driver camera and a monitor, full visibility for both driver and fleet operator was created. Proximity sensors, combined with reverse and left-turn alarm systems were also installed to support drivers when manoeuvring in tight spaces. A GPS and 3G module was incorporated into the system for access to our live view facility.


Now that this AdvancedVision CCTV system has been implemented, Essex Groundwork Supplies have significantly improved their overall fleet performance. Driver behaviour has improved through evidence-based training and habits can now be easily corrected. Drivers have extra support and feel more confident in manoeuvring large loaded vehicles. Alongside this, Essex Groundwork Supplies have discovered that the improved visibility on vehicles provides substantial evidence to prevent false claims against their drivers, and has significantly reduced their fleet’s insurance premiums. Finally, the live view facility has enabled 100% transparency and control of their fleet 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing for a much quicker response in the event of an incident.

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