Project Details

ACSS Solution – Live CCTV

Industry – Waste Management

Vehicles – Skip lorry, and refuse trucks

Saving Insurance Premium with CCTV for Atlas Bulk Carriers

Atlas Bulk Carriers (ABC) Ltd, an industry-leading supplier of waste carriers, building materials and tipper hauliers, had a key business objective to reduce the cost of claims and insurance premiums across their fleet. ACSS worked closely with ABC to develop a solution to match their requirements ensuring this key business objective was met.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduced claims and insurance premiums
  • Drivers are supported with evidence exonerating them from fault
  • Improved driving & driver behaviour.
  • FORS Silver accreditation – demonstrating a commitment to CSR.
  • A clear improvement in the overall safety and efficiency of the fleet.

Bespoke CCTV solution

A Five- camera solution was agreed and implemented across their entire fleet. The system consisted of forward, rear and side view cameras with a fifth camera monitoring the load area of the vehicles. A 7” monitor was added to aid drivers when making difficult manoeuvres in tight spaces.

Now that ABC’s entire fleet is equipped with an AdvancedVision solution, they have achieved their objective of reducing the cost of claims and insurance premiums – amounting to several thousand pounds of savings. ABC has gained many other benefits following the installation of AdvancedVision, aside from the main objective. ABC has managed to achieve FORS Silver accreditation following the implementation of AdvancedVision across their fleet – Demonstrating their commitment to corporate and social responsibility. Drivers feel more supported with indisputable evidence to exonerate them from fault. Complaints are now being dealt with more fairly and rigorously. Driving styles are being reviewed and bad habits are corrected through evidence-based training improving performance. More importantly, though, ABC has noticed a dramatic improvement in the overall safety and efficiency of its fleet. ABC have regularly expressed their satisfaction with ACSS’s AdvancedVision solution and have described it as robust, reliable and exceptionally easy to use.

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