All vehicles should be checked regularly to ensure they meet the standards required for safe and efficient operation. In much the same way, the mental welfare of drivers should also be assessed before they are allowed behind the wheel. This helps to ensure the safety of both the driver and other road users, while also limiting physical, financial and legal repercussions of crashes.

Professional drivers often spend a lot of time alone in their vehicle and may have little interaction with colleagues in person. Without regular face-to-face interaction it can be difficult for supervisors to recognise that something is wrong, and this can lead to mental health issues going unnoticed.

It is important that any mental health problems are identified quickly so an employee can get the help they need to manage their symptoms and reduce the risk to themselves and other road users.

Our academic and practitioner speakers will discuss:

  • the causes and symptoms of mental health conditions and the impact they can have on driving behaviour;
  • how to address the stigma of mental illness;
  • how to identify potential mental health issues in your workforce; and
  • how to develop a culture that puts people first and values their welfare.

Who should attend?

Representatives of any organisation that employs people who drive for work, including:

  • fleet managers
  • health and safety managers
  • transport managers
  • HR professionals

The webinar is also relevant for road safety NGOs, fleet suppliers, insurers, fleet risk management and driver training providers.

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