If your vehicles transport internationally then at some point you may have questioned the security of your vehicles. ACSS have seen an increase in requests to install AdvancedVision CCTV system to deter any potential stowaways and prevent activity at the rear of lorries.

A driver in March was fined over £12,000 after 20 stowaways were found on board his lorry. This is an uncomfortable situation for any company driver to be involved in as they can be fined for transporting illegal immigrants across the border. This situation potentially put this driver out of business even after appealing against the decision, as it happened without his knowledge. The company driver alerted authorities, but the blame was still on him.

The Home Office said penalties were only imposed when driver or company have failed to provide an effective prevention system on board, such as CCTV, effective locking systems and appropriate signage. Several businesses have been close to going out of business by fines as a result of having illegal stowaways.

Under section 25A of the Immigration Act 1971, it is an offence to help people enter the UK illegally for gain, and there is also a separate offence of assisting someone’s entry into the UK in breach of a deportation or exclusion order.

The maximum offence under Section 25 is 14 years’ imprisonment and offenders could see their vehicles and other assets taken away. Drivers could also be stripped of their licence entitlement.

The Haulage industry faces many challenges. Your business needs to ensure driver’s safety and welfare is protected from stowaways. An effective system will not only deter criminal activity but provide you with many other benefits to your business and drivers.

ACSS Advanced Vision CCTV/Telematics is the solution to an effective prevention system for your vehicles. High-quality video transmitted over 3G, remote locking / unlocking of cargo doors all enabling operators total visibility and control on either a Desktop computer or mobile phone.

ACSS has developed an intuitive system that operators can use with ease and clarity. This sophisticated technology can play a part in preventing unnecessary fines and more importantly prevent the worst-case scenario. Having a live view system not only provides evidence but allows you to be in the moment, real-time as incidents are happening or about to unfold. Further benefits of having CCTV monitoring your load areas include being able to view what is being loaded and unloaded and ensuring staff are following correct procedures whilst doing so.

There are a range of solutions that can benefit your business by protecting your vehicles and drivers from unwanted stowaways. Prevent the worst possible scenario happening on your watch, arrange a demo or call back today. To conclude, a few suggestions for implementation and best practice are listed below.


What measures can be implemented? 

  • Drivers remain vigilant

  • Carry out load checks diligently

  • Install ‘Remote Locking System’

  • Install on-board CCTV in cab & load areas, with infrared cameras to monitor possibility of stowaways