According to data recently published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there was a 24.9% year-on-year increase in the number of vehicles stolen across England and Wales. Furthermore, AA Insurance Services reported that theft from vehicles rose by 9.9%, with 212,900 people having items stolen from their vehicle compared to 193,647 the year before.


Thieves are using increasingly high-tech methods of stealing vehicles, with relay theft, key cloning and signal blocking being the main methods of stealing vehicles. When it comes to stealing items from vehicles, faster and more traditional methods are used, such as smashing windows or forcing windows and doors open.


With theft on the rise, now more than ever it’s important to protect your fleet and assets, but awareness of how to achieve this is patchy, according to fleet management software company Fleet Check. Peter Golding, managing director, said: “Feedback from our client base indicates that fleets often know thefts are an increasing problem but while some are being very proactive, others are poorly informed about the methods that thieves are now using and how to deter them.”


So what can you do to protect your fleet?

  • CCTV: External vehicle CCTV cameras act as the perfect deterrent against the theft and vandalism of company assets.
  • Real Time Tracking: Monitor your Fleet’s location with our reliable, real-time Telematics device. Our tracking technology operates with up to a 1-second refresh rate, so you can be 100% sure of your fleet’s exact locations at any time. Updates are visible through our Advanced Fleet software, accessible through any smart device.
  • Tracking & Integrated CCTV Technology: Full integration of Telematics with vehicle ‘live view’ CCTV systems, linking camera wake-up and recording to alarm triggers. Compatible with alarm systems and customisable alerts such as panic button and trailer/tractor connect status.
  • Geo-fence Your Business Assets: Geofencing – putting a virtual fence around certain locations – safeguards against theft and unauthorised vehicle usage. Real-time alerts, sent to your smart device app, notify you if a vehicle or asset crosses the boundaries you have in place, allowing you to take immediate action.
  • Automated Door Locking: Automated door locking/unlocking and key fob activation linked to pre-set geofenced areas. Systems are locked down on departure and auto opened at arrival. Digital seals generated on each lockdown accurately indicate any sign of interference.
  • Complete Remote Protection: Secure remote control of door locking from anywhere in the world, through web or app interface. In the event of a security threat, key fobs can be immobilised so that door access can be controlled solely from base. Receive live alerts of any unauthorised and door status change, with full telematics data and increased data frequency on alarm. This additional layer of security provides peace of mind for fleet managers and operators over the security of their cargo.


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