Every fleet up and down the country has been affected by the impact of COVID19. Remote ways of working have been introduced as offices close and some of those measures may likely become permanent for some businesses. A recent survey by LinkedIn found that 82 per cent of working professionals would like to work from home for at least one day per week

Many companies have learnt that they can operate from home, whereas before may have never considered the idea or thought it was executable. Working from home has proved extremely efficient for their staff and operations have tightened up as a result. Most research shows that working from home can be even more productive than office work.

Your routine may have shifted to adapt due to the circumstances and many tools can assist you with making your tasks a lot easier.

Managing and viewing your assets in real-time has never been handier. Staying connected with your fleet whilst there isn’t much flexibility out on the road can be managed with a few of our tools. Vehicle CCTV, Telematics and Tracking enable you to carry out tasks remotely also. Below we list some of the benefits:

  • Monitor your vehicles in real-time. 
  • Download footage remotely, no need to get the vehicle back to the hub* 
  • Monitor drivers PPE usage
  • See where vehicles are in real-time – Our tracking technology operates with a 0.5 second refresh rate, you can be 100% sure of your fleet’s exact locations at any time
  • FNOL (First notification of loss)
  • Monitor health of vehicles remotely – daily checks
  • Reports – get daily reports sent, or however frequently you wish – With a range of vehicle diagnostics at your disposal including braking, oil level and vehicle speed. We can customise your reports to track what matters to your business

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