One of the biggest costs to today’s fleet managers is fuel and as such a valuable resource, with that, it inevitably attracts fraud and other criminal behaviours.

Fraud is currently perceived as an issue that significantly impacts the fleet industry. According to Shell, 2/3 of UK fleet managers think fraud relating to fuel and fuel cards is a massive issue to their business.

In recent market research carried out by Fleet News confirmed that 64% of fleets have been the victim of fuel theft and fuel fraud, yet this figure only relates to those who know that the fraud is taking place in their fleet.

This is a large-scale issue for fleet managers across the UK, so what can be done to prevent it?

Telematics is crucial for monitoring fuel cards amongst other things, the earlier inconsistencies are found the more corrective action can be taken. With CANbus integration, fleet managers can monitor full levels and stop-offs at petrol stations.

With this valuable data stored in AdvancedFleet management system, you can easily export reports to detect any exceptions to your records. Having visibility for the data is essential and will eliminate any further possibilities of use outside of work-related parameters.

This data can be presented on a chart for ease of viewing and giving you a clear picture across your fleet, particularly useful for those with larger amounts of vehicles on their fleet.

Our AdvancedFleet offers many benefits. You can monitor your Fleet’s GPS, Performance and Camera Feed using our user-friendly web-based fleet tracking app on a PC or any smart device with an internet connection. With a range of vehicle diagnostics at your disposal including braking, oil level and vehicle speed. We can customise your reports to track what matters to your business. CANbus helps firms operate more efficiently by supplying detailed data on how vehicles are being used – from each gear change to every millilitre of fuel consumed.

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