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A Reversing Alarm Can Save a Life

A reversing alarm alerts other road users of a vehicle’s presence. This wasn’t the case when Yousef Zayni suffered head injuries and a heart attack after colliding with a reversing lorry. Police discovered the 3.5 tonne vehicle’s reversing alarm disconnected by hand, but morning routine safety checks had failed to detect this.

The young man’s death has been described as an ‘entirely avoidable’ accident. FORS and RSF are asking fleet operators to ensure all vehicles are checked regularly. Furthermore, equipping your fleet with necessary safety equipment should be a priority, large vehicles cannot operate by wing mirrors and dashboard rear-view monitors alone.

Who is at Risk?

The number of fatal collisions involving vulnerable users rises each day. Left-hand turns are the most difficult and risky manoeuvre for large fleet vehicles, accounting for around 75% of incidents. Reversing, can produce similar issues especially with increased blind spots. Being caught in vehicle blind spots is common for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure everyone is fully aware of the path the vehicle is going to take. Furthermore, new government initiatives are going to ensure only vehicles that meet safety standards are legal on the road – this includes installing a reversing alarm,  safety sensors and accessories.

At ACSS, we can help solve your safety issues. Designed specifically with fleet vehicles in mind, our alarms provide a loud audible alert “Caution, Vehicle Turning Left/Right/Reversing”, triggered upon indicators or by engaging the reverse gear. Together with vehicle CCTV, this type of safety accessory can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents.

With the lives of many at risk – can you really afford to be without them?

Benefits of Installing Alarms:
Help attain FORS/CLOCS/Crossrail compliance
Prevent Injury and Fatal Accidents
Prevent Damage to Fleet Vehicles
Reduce Insurance Premiums

We take pride in helping fleet operators. Our AdvancedSafety solutions are important in reducing fleet costs. Therefore, if you’d like to learn more about our safety accessories then check out our AdvancedSafety Solutions here.