Due to the relatively low impact speed, many people don’t regard reversing as a significant hazard, however almost 60% of all commercial vehicle accident claims involve reversing and HGVs lead the way with 19% of these claims, vans 15% and company cars 10%.

However, it’s not just damage to vehicles and property that are at risk, people can be injured too. Shockingly, nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing.

Even the most proficient drivers need help reversing their vehicles in difficult circumstances. With extra care and attention, we can all help to reduce these stats and here are some of our top tips for safer reversing.

52% of reversing accidents happen during collection and delivery

How can we reduce the risk of accidents? A reverse camera driving aid will assist the driver by eliminating blind spots. It can also be integrated with one of our high performance mobile digital video recorders to store footage for accident investigations and driver training.

AdvancedSafety proximity sensors and warning speakers can be integrated with the system to further enhance the safety of your vehicles.

Before you start manoeuvring

  • Walk around the vehicle, look for hazards and check that the route free from obstruction. If it is blocked, can you access by another route?

  • Always be aware of other people, pedestrians and children. Children are unpredictable and unaware of your intentions for moving the vehicle.

  • What is the distance you’re planning to travel when in reverse? Avoid reversing over a long distance if possible.

  • Complete a ground level and overhead check for any obstructions. Ask yourself “Will my vehicle fit in here?”

  • Are other workers and/or pedestrians clear of where you need to be?

  • Alert other workers and/or pedestrians and put on your hazard warning lights, or sound your horn.

Equipment to use

  • Multi-cam systems to to aid vision for the driver

  • Internal monitor with live view

  • Ultrasonic proximity sensors

  • Audible reversing alarms fitted

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