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The passenger transport industry carries precious cargo – people!

In many cases, this includes “special transport” for the elderly, passengers with disabilities and school children. A large percentage of a coach company’s revenue is based on council contracts for school transportation. Keeping these contracts and winning new ones is essential to keeping the business profitable.

Whether you already have school contracts or are trying to win new ones it is now necessary to look at installing CCTV on your vehicles. This is because more and more councils are now demanding CCTV to be installed on buses that transport children, for their safety and security as well as parent reassurance.

In addition, due to vehicle sizes and positions of drivers, buses and coaches have extensive blind spots. This lack of visibility is a contributory factor to incidents and greatly increases the risk of a collision.

Being able to prevent incidents, and deter fraudulent insurance claims and vandalism is important to the safety of passengers, staff and other road users and the reliability and efficiency of the service.

ACSS Specialist Coach and Bus Products

🔵 Live View CCTV system

🔵 Second by second telematics with full driver behaviour monitoring

🔵 Passenger Management (Passenger counters and Temperature monitoring)

🔵 Two-way Audio function and Audio Recording

🔵 Driver Fatigue system

🔵 Low bridge alerts and Route planning

🔵 LCD displays and Microphones

🔵 Passenger connectivity (WiFi)

How ACSS Can Help:

🔵 Providing systems that will help to win Council contracts

🔵 Reduce incidents due to poor driver visibility

🔵 Help driver manoeuvring in tight spaces (such as bus stations)

🔵 Deter vandals and protect staff

🔵 Offer all-round visibility for a safer, more efficient operation

🔵 Reduce vehicle downtime

🔵 Reduce insurance premiums and False Claim Prevention

🔵 Provide Live remote access to cameras for FNOL and instant access to incident footage

Key Benefits

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