In the blue light sector – fire, ambulance and police vehicles are often driven at dangerously high speeds.
In the event of an emergency or the law being broken, safety and security of vehicles is paramount as authorities strive to fulfil the primary objective of protecting the public, staff and assets.

Equally important to the organisations in the sector is video evidence not only to prove fault in case of an accident involving their vehicles but also to support criminal investigations to hold wrongdoers accountable.

To ensure the most efficient operations with the fastest response time possible, fleet management telematics and CCTV solutions can be implemented to track and manage vehicle locations as well as providing data to train drivers to the retain optimum driving ability.

With 30 years’ experience providing vehicle CCTV and fleet management telematics solutions, we have an unrivalled understanding of the measures that must be taken to achieve total safety and security of a vehicle as well as the due diligence that must be sustained to ensure that the most suitable solution is installed and maintained to the highest possible standards.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring that vehicles have as little down time as possible
  • Meeting relevant standards and legislations without disruptions operations
  • Ensuring driver and passenger safety
  • Protecting cyclist and other vulnerable road users
  • Minimising accidents involving their vehicles
  • Providing evidence for accident and criminal investigations
  • Holding the correct people accountable for road and criminal incidents
  • Minimising the risk of theft or vandalism of company assets

The Solutions

  • AdvancedFleet -In depth fleet management systems – Full telematics suite, live view and 3G GPS tracking for operational efficiency.
  • AdvancedVision Total Safety & Security – All round defence vehicle CCTV systems for reduced accidents, injuries and theft & vandalism of company assets.
  • AdvancedVision AdvancedFleet Driver safety and behaviour monitoring – In-cab camera systems and telematics suite for improved driving & driver performance.
  • AdvancedVision & AdvancedSafety Driving aids – blind spot eliminating cameras, proximity sensors, left hand warning systems and reversing camera solutions to protect drivers and vulnerable road users.

The Benefits

  • Fewer Accidents
  • Evidence for accident & criminal investigation
  • Fast & cheaper investigation settlement
  • Protection of company assets
  • Improved driving & driver behaviour
  • Improved operational efficiency and responsiveness
  • Elimination of losses from false claims