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CCTV For Haulage

At ACSS, we understand the unique challenges faced by transport and fleet managers in the haulage sector. With our extensive industry experience, we have developed specialized solutions to meet these challenges head-on.

Our comprehensive range of HGV CCTV, fleet tracking, and other road safety technologies provide a holistic approach to addressing the safety and security concerns of haulage operators. We recognize the importance of operating heavy goods vehicles safely and securely.

Compliance with industry regulators such as FORS and CLOCS is crucial for creating a safe and sustainable working environment. Our solutions are designed to help operators meet and exceed these compliance standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety for drivers, cargo, and other road users.

Camera Kit

5 Camera Driver Monitoring Kit

Key Benefits

What Our Clients Say

“The AdvancedVision System provided by ACSS has allowed us to guarantee the security of our clients’ deliveries, which has been our key selling point for the last 30 years. The extra security has also reduced the overall cost of our fleet and gives our drivers support from fraudulent claims. The system is now installed on a lot of our current fleet and will be installed on all our new vehicles moving forward.”

Andy Swift – Owner – Dutton Haulage

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